Open Source still has that element to it that makes corporations and enterprises be leery toward it. Open Source companies have worked very hard to combat this attitude - painting it as a better alternative for a myriad of reasons. But the truth is that the fanatics that scare the business do exist. And they are nuts. Here’s an example I stumbled across today -

Some background for those who don’t know the political history of open source software. Richard Stallman is the founder of the GNU project which was intended to create and disseminate open source software and foster the viewpoints of open source advocates. He also (and more importantly) created the GPL v2 license that established the idea of a viral open source license that required users to “pay back” to the community if they used the code.

Linux Torvalds recently started blogging about his personal life and he’s well known for speaking his mind and not caring about public opinion. Hence the outrage of the open source fanatics when he dared to denigrate their leader. My favorite part of the outrage response? “It’s not a good idea to disrespect the GNU-Father.” It’s people like this that give open source a bad name.