I love Apple’s bluetooth Mighty Mouse. It works flawlessly. I like the design. You can’t see any buttons yet left and right clicks still work perfectly. It fits my hand. The side click buttons work great. It doesn’t lose connection like the Microsoft bluetooth mouse. It doesn’t need special drivers. The trackball on top is amazingly responsive and scrolls both up and down and left and right. And the trackball works as another button as well.


I just had my second one break down in a year. And they’re expensive. $70 a piece expensive. That wonderful little trackball picks up grime from your fingers and stops working in one direction. The first few times you think the computer is somehow not responding. Then suddenly you realize what’s happening.

With the first mouse I attempted surgery on it using these pictures as a guide. No good. Apple REALLY doesn’t want you to work on this mouse. The second time I tried to clean the trackball by rolling the trackball against clean sheets of paper. That worked for 30 minutes. I pushed harder. And lost my left and right click buttons.

So I give up. I tried a Microsoft bluetooth mouse a while back and it would randomly disconnect and reconnect. So now I’ve ordered a Logitech V470. For only $40. In white. I picked that one because my short research found many individuals on the web who have it working well with macOS. Without drivers. That appears to be key, don’t install the Logitech drivers. And hopefully, this will be the end of my mouse troubles.