I talked a little bit before about what I think would happen in a Sun purchase. But, if I could pick what I want to happen, it would be this:

IBM re-licenses OpenSolaris, DTrace, ZFS, NFS and Java under the GPL or BSD

It’s just a shame that good, useful technologies can’t be incorporated into Linux and need to be re-created from whole cloth or never used at all. Watching this poor guy turn acrobatic cartwheels trying to graft DTrace onto Linux without ever violating a license is painful. The amazing part is that he’s succeeding at all.

IBM completely opens up the OpenOffice development model, merging in Go-oo

The OpenOffice development model is very slow to take up patches. It’s resulted in forks like Go-oo that have better MS Office macro compatibility and other features.

IBM rebases WebSphere on GlassFish and pushes it as an enterprise quality app server reference model

I really have no justification on this one. I just want to drive the J2EE market to a simple, easy open solution. Like Tomcat has done for the web app server market.

IBM makes SWT a standard part of Java

This has always been a pointless battle. Pull SWT in as a Swing competitor and let the two of them fight it out in the market. They each have their strengths.

IBM dumps JavaFX

I’m sorry but I just cannot see the point of this. To me, Silverlight and Flash are dead ends. JavaFX is an also-ran to a category I don’t think should even exist. Pushing on expanding web standards would be a much more useful application of resources.

IBM merges their J9 engine into the Java runtime, making client startup speed a focus

I’d just like to see the split focus of JVM development end. And have the reputation of the JVM as a resource hog end. When I fire up a Ruby or Python script from the command line it starts immediately. I’d like to see the same for the client JVM.

IBM dumps NetBeans and puts the user interface crew from NetBeans on Eclipse

I like NetBeans. I think they have really hit their stride in the last few years. In my opinion, the user experience on NetBeans is better then Eclipse. But Eclipse is everywhere. And it’s become the de-facto Java IDE. I’d like to see the work done on NetBeans user experience, re-factoring and inspections merged into Eclipse.

IBM switches focus on the JVM from changing Java to building up alternative languages

This is a minority position from what I can see. I think Java is fine as it is. I think the language is in danger of getting more and more baroque as additional features are tacked on to it.

I think a focus on alternative languages would benefit the development community better. Push JRuby, Jython, Groovy, Scala, whatever. Pick one or two as a new primary language and build them up. Keep Java as the solid, high-performing systems language (akin to C) and the others will be the fast-development, front-end languages.

I don’t pretend that all of these make good business sense. They’re just what I would like to see happen. You might also notice that I’ve said nothing at all about the hardware side of Sun. It’s not my focus and impacts me very little. Software is where I live and its what interests me the most.