I’ve been in consulting for 15 years - with a brief stop-over in IT-land. And I used to go through computer bags like candy. But for the last ten years I’ve used the same computer bag. It’s been on flight after flight. It’s been banged against doors, dropped off of tables, spilled on, accidentally kicked and manhandled all across the country. I’ve used it virtually every single business day for the last ten years. And yet, it looks almost identical to the day I bought it.

That’s not to say it hasn’t needed any TLC. I had to replace the shoulder strap several years ago when the original started to split. But every fitting still fits, every closure still closes. There’s not a single tear on it anywhere. And that’s not due to light handling. When you look closely you can see the metal fastenings are scratched up and losing some of their dark coating, you can see a few stray threads here and there, but the bag is still handsome, presentable and just as serviceable as the day I bought it.

What is this wonder bag? It’s a Tumi.


It was a struggle for me to buy it. My manager at the time waxed lyrically about Tumi’s and how I had to have one. He dragged me to the mall store and convinced me to buy it. But it was expensive. I don’t remember how much this far down the line, but I’m pretty sure it was over $200. And when, out of curiosity, I looked at their online store, I see they haven’t gotten any cheaper. An equivalent bag - one with ballistic nylon - is listed on their site for $395. And a quick scan didn’t find any deals online.

Four-hundred dollars for a computer bag! And yet, if this one got lost or shredded in a horrific industrial accident, I’d plunk down the money. Because I figure I’ve averaged $25 a year with this bag and been completely content with it for every single day. It’s got pockets to spare, space to spare and has done an excellent job protecting laptop after laptop.

So if you’re ever wandering past a Tumi store and wondering who would ever pay those kinds of prices for a bag, now you know. People who want a great bag that will last, and last, and last. And that makes it, for my money, the best computer bag ever.

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