TUAW solicited email requests from its readers asking for what they wanted to see in OS 4.0. Excluding changes to the built-in apps (that’s coming in a later article), this is what people asked for, along with my own comments.

  1. The lock screen needs to change.

    Absolutely agreed. I want better handling of notifications. Best case, a hardware indicator light that shows new email has arrived, ala Blackberry and Nexus One.

  2. A new home screen.

    Don’t care about this one. It would be nice but its not a hot button issue for me.

  3. Vertical swipe home screen.

    No. I don’t want this.

  4. Overhaul app navigation.

    Don’t really care about this one either. Again, improvements would be nice but not really all that important to me.

  5. Multi-tasking.

    I would love this. In my email to TUAW I suggested a special path for app approval that granted apps the right to run in the background. Those apps would have to go through extended testing by Apple that validated their efficiency.

  6. Flash.

    God no. Flash needs to die on mobile. We need to push HTML5 as hard as possible.

  7. Selectively turn off landscape mode.

    Don’t care. This rarely bothers me.

  8. Apps should remember where we were. The OS should handle this.

    No. This would require the OS to freeze an app and resume it. I’m not interested in the overhead required to do that. Apps should continue to do this on their own.

  9. Remove Apple apps

    Don’t care.

  10. All-app accessible documents folder

    I would like something along these lines but I rarely miss it now.

  11. Better support for codecs

    Nice but I rarely miss it.

  12. Disk mode

    I could care less about this.

So what did I, personally, ask for?

  1. Multi-tasking

  2. Better notification support

    The current one-shot notification display isn’t sufficient. It was designed when emails and the occasional text message were all you could get. That’s not the case any more.

  3. Better lock screen

So my list was covered. My bigger points were hardware, something not covered by the TUAW list.

  1. Higher-resolution screen to match the Droid

  2. Better GPS chipset to match dedicated GPS units

  3. Better GSM chipset to provide better voice quality and support for CDMA

  4. Hardware message/notification indicator

And, I would add a better camera and flash unit.

But, overall, I’m still extremely happy with the device.