I was reading a blog post about what will happen now that Oracle has purchased Sun. The poster repeated a number of fallacies that I’ve seen around the web.

1. MySQL is dead now.

MySQL is dead? No its not. Oracle has owned InnoDB and never once used it against MySQL users. They own BerkelyDB and support and sell it. Oracle is attempting to own every segment of the market from the “Enterprise” to the “tactical”. They’re placing MySQL at the tactical end. They’ll sell you MySQL support and attempt to upsell you if they get the opportunity.

I’m no Oracle fan but they’re not attempting to kill any open-source projects. They’re continuing to fund Glassfish, Hudson, Netbeans and numerous other open-source projects. They’re even continuing to donate to Eclipse. And they intend to increase the community involvement in the Java language.

2. Solaris/OpenSolaris is going to be killed off.

Oracle is looking to combat IBM. IBM’s “secret sauce” in the lucrative Enterprise space is owning the entire stack, from the hardware, to the OS to the software running on top of it. That’s why Oracle is keeping Solaris and the SPARC hardware. They’ll tell Enterprise buyers that they’ll get the pinnacle of speed and reliability with carefully developed and tuned software running on their own hardware.

3. Oracle’s plans for Java aren’t clear and Netbeans is history.

Oracle says they’re increasing community involvement. They seem to want to move at least some of the R&D for Java out to the community. And, again, Netbeans isn’t history. The official Oracle roadmap lists an increase in funding for Netbeans. They intend to use Netbeans as the “tactical” IDE offering, while using JDeveloper as the Enterprise one. Personally, I’d move everything to Netbeans (or Eclipse) and kill off that piece-of-crap JDeveloper, but I’m not Larry.

4. SPARC is dead - Oracle isn’t a hardware company.

Oracle wants to be in the hardware business. That’s how they intend to compete with IBM. They see IBM as their competition, not Microsoft. They’re increasing the hardware push and co-branding them as Sun/Oracle.

5. OpenOffice and VirtualBox are dead.

Oracle is starting up a new division to work on OpenOffice and they’re integrating VirtualBox with Oracle VM.

I’m no great fan of Oracle’s business. They make overly complicated and buggy software and then charge you an arm and leg to make it work. But the Oracle DB is hands down the best database server on the market. Larry intends to own everything including the kitchen sink and will sell you any part of that vast array of software. And if the software is free, he’ll sell you the support instead.

I would greatly prefer that Oracle start uniting platforms and move to an open source model but, at least at present, that doesn’t appear likely.


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