Steve Jobs held an internal town hall at Apple after the unveiling of the iPad. Since secrecy is so tight, many at Apple had no idea the iPad was coming. He took questions and second-hand commenters say he had a few choice comments.

He said that Apple bought Lala because they wanted their talent for the iTunes team.

He said that Apple didn’t go into the search business but Google went into the phone business. He feels that the Android team at Google (not the entire company) would love to kill off the iPhone. And he feels that the Google “do no evil” corporate mantra is a bunch of crap.

According to Jobs, Apple is going to update the iPhone/iPad faster then Google can with the Android. He also said that the next iPhone hardware update was going to be an “A+” update. He rounded out the hardware talk by stating that the next Mac refresh was going to “take it to the next level”.

Finally, he lamented that the “kick-ass” Adobe of old was now a “lazy” company and that Flash was a dead technology.

My take - Google has a split focus between their Google OS and Android. What they’re trying to accomplish - a netbook-like computing appliance, is EXACTLY what the iPad is. Google’s problem is they’ve decided that Android won’t do what they want, so they’ve gone down the Google OS road as well. This means they need double the resources and gain little between advances in one platform. Google’s approach is, ironically, the Microsoft approach. Google is checking of technical functionality checkboxes at the expense of ease of use and paradigm shifts. They’ll probably sell a crap-load of Android devices but they’re relegating themselves to the Microsoft second-tier in the mind of consumers.

Will Apple really update their platform faster then Google will? I have no idea. They’ve let iPhone OS languish while the iPad was in development, we’ll see if that picks back up now that the iPad is public. The biggest problem for them is they’re trying to forge new ground - looking for new approaches that differ from long-established solutions - like, a filesystem. That’s not a fast or simple process.

From the hardware perspective its now assumed that the new Apple-designed A4 CPU will be coming to the iPhone. Probably a speed-throttled version. Maybe that’s what Jobs means by an “A+” update. It will probably have an increased screen resolution and a better camera. Beyond that, I have no idea.

And the Mac refresh he’s talking about will be a switch to the new Intel i5 chipset. This brings a significant jump in performance without a battery life impact.

And finally, yes, he’s correct. Flash is a dead-end and it needs to die so that HTML5 moves forward. Honestly, it’s already happening at a much faster pace then I expected. Google just announced they’re killing IE 6 support in Google Docs and other web properties. And YouTube and Vimeo now support HTML5 video in place of Flash. That’s coupled with announcements that, for the first time ever, the percentage of Flash-enabled user agents is dropping.