Starting with Snow Leopard, macOS has native support for connecting to Cisco VPNs. This is a good thing since the Cisco VPN client is hard to find (it’s not free), clunky to use and unreliable.

Unfortunately, when you go to configure the VPN, you often hit an immediate brick wall. Network administrators will often provide you with a PCF file. If you ask for the settings they either won’t know what you’re talking about or won’t help you.

Having gone through that process multiple times, I spent a few minutes pulling together a very simple program that will translate a PCF file into macOS settings.

Follow this link to upload your PCF file and generate the settings you need to configure a Cisco VPN.

This is only really necessary at all because the shared secret (group password) is encrypted in the PCF file. The program uses the cisco_decrypt.c file to decrypt the shared secret.

If you’re concerned about the security of your file, I’m not storing it. But if that doesn’t make you feel any better, don’t make use of the program. Go to this web page instead and decrypt just the shared secret.