If you’re running IntelliJ on Mac or Linux and use Subversion, don’t upgrade to the new 9.0.3 release. There’s a huge defect that JetBrains doesn’t seem to care about. With the new 9.0.3 release IntelliJ no longer uses the Mac or Linux password keychains. That means all of your passwords will stop working and you will have to manually edit configuration files to get everything working again.

You can find more information in the IDEA-56464 defect. The end result is that you will be required to store all of your passwords in plain text. For those of you on corporate networks that use ActiveDirectory to provide single sign-on to your Subversion instances that means you’ll have to store that password in plain text.

This is completely unacceptable and will keep me on 9.0.2 until this defect is fixed.