Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. (HDL, Inc.) is an accredited clinical laboratory focused on disease state management with supporting clinical laboratory testing targeting patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD), heart failure, stroke, diabetes mellitus (DM), metabolic syndrome (MS), and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis or fatty liver disease (NASH). HDL, Inc. offers a unique menu of clinical laboratory test results, selected based on their ability to discern the information required to understand each patient’s disease state.

We are not just another traditional clinical laboratory. HDL, Inc. is founded on the idea that in order to impact the alarming increases in chronic disease, it is necessary to approach the disease and treatment with an understanding that involves our company, physicians and their patients. We diligently work with physicians and patients to understand the disease, provide answers, education and support to identify and reverse health risks.

Our testing options allow physicians to understand their patients’ disease on a personal level. Our disease state options support the individual achievement of health.